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Evaluation consultancies have covered a wide range of contexts from setting up local Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation strategies within project activities such as those in Mali and more recently in the mPPACT project, to undertaking full external evaluations. In between this, was the work with the Te Itibwerere Theatre group in Kiribati.

Commissioned by the UK Department for international Development (DFID) who funded the groups work, the consultancy involved a needs assessment with the group, followed by the generation of a five year plan for the future. To achieve this and support the outcome, the work was carried out with the group through workshops and training activities over a three week period.

EValuation consultancies have included:

Evaluation UNICEF

evaluation of TFD programme covering 495 villages across the Sudan.
Theatre for Life [SUDAN]                                                                                                           
(Youth theatre groups based in each village, focusing on health concerns and child rights. The evaluation is in the public domain - you can find it here on this site and also on the Communicatrions Initiative site at


Evaluation (DFID)
                   Won Smolbag Theatre Group (Vanuatu, Pacific)
(Evaluation of three years of TFD and video work by the Wan Smolbag Theatre group in Vanuatu and across the Pacific region.)

 Evaluation and 5-year plan (DFID)
                   Te Itibwerere Drama Group (Kiribati, Pacific)
(Evaluating the work and assessing the potential of Te Itibwerere Drama Group; providing appropriate training workshops implementing  drama and PLA techniques; devising a plan and recommendations for the future.)