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detailed information and selected project descriptions are to come.

In the meantime, please refer to the CV and resume pages on this site.

Project design and implementation as co-ordinator can be seen from the mPPACT programme on the training page, which evolved out of the structure of the PPP programme devised with Zambian and Nepali trainees. There is a brief photoessay describing the mPPACT process in the online MAZI journal of the Communications for Social Change Consortium (CFSC Consortium)

the move towards new media is evident from the We-Teach project which has been explored in a series of one-off training sessions in Portugal, Greece and Turkey, during 2008/9.


Now we take a further leap - transmedia -
between TFD techniques such as Forum Theatre
and the twittersphere.
Let me explain.

With the spread of mobile telephony and internet use across the globe, we can now build on the recognised, but narrow-cast, power of TFD and Forum Theatre to open local debate and explore strategies to overcome oppression and iniquity.

Today can extend the interactive drama - transmedia - using twitter and SMS chat. Once the audience, as players in the game, have acted out and explored their own solutions to the dillemmas presented in the play, so the story still continues to flow through further permutations. New improvised dialogue is broadcast by the actors’ tweets (in role) and the responsive twitters of both actors and an audience that now extends into the broader community. More ideas, strategies proposals and narrative twists are exchanged and discussed – peer to peer.

(Forum Tweeter will be explored as part of a projected Health Care programme in south-west Kenya, 2012.)