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Research interests include

  • developing strategies and methodologies for Participatory Performance Practices in Community Drama and TFD
  • exploring the use of Information Technology, new / social media and the internet in the field of community development and cultural action world wide.

Consultancies, evaluations and trainer training have been for clients in the South Pacific, Mali, South Africa, Zambia, Nepal and Greece. Alex Mavrocordatos has provided project evaluation and trainer training for DFID (Department for International Development), UNICEF and the British Council.

The content of these projects has included

  • the potential of TFD in the context of ‘Social Development’;
  • advisor on cultural policies for Development;
  • training in Participatory Performance Practices for street theatre performers with particular emphasis on Human Rights and Gender issues;
  • using drama and Theatre in Education to develop a methodology for teachers to address prejudice and the marginalisation of certain community groups
  • the evaluation and critique of project outcomes.


During 2006 – 2010 he was co-ordinator of the mPPACT project which adapted TFD and PPP approaches to develop  a methodology for a Pupil and Performing Arts Centred Teaching . the project trained some 55 teachers in Denmark, Greece, Cyprus and the UK and the course is still available internationally through the EU Comenius database of courses – or contacting cdcArts.

His list of publications include an e-Book 'The road to PPP' on-line web-book, ( ), articles for a range of publications and his audio-visual work includes Development Theatre: A Way to Listen, SOS Sahel.

He is editor of the mPPACT Manifest – a book which describes the process and rationale behind the EU Comenius mPPACT programme (see above)